Photograph of Michael J. Raupp, Ph.D.Michael J. Raupp, Ph.D. is a professor and extension specialist at the University of Maryland at College Park and a Science Channel Expert. As an internationally recognized expert, Mike has more than 250 publications and given more than 1200 presentations on the ecology and management of insects and mites. He is has appeared on all major television networks and has been featured on The Science Channel, National Geographic, Dr. Oz and Jay Leno. His “Bug of the Week” website,, and YouTube channel have received more than a million visits since their inceptions. Mike has received a dozen regional or national awards for excellence in extension programming and media communications including the Secretary of Agriculture’s Award for Environmental Protection. His most recent book “26 Things That Bug Me” introduces youngsters to the wonders of insects and natural history using pictures and rhymes while “Managing Insect and Mites on Woody Landscape Plants” is a standard for the arboricultural industry.



  • 8:45A | What a Warming World Means for Pest Outbreaks

    Michael will review evidence for climate change and explore possible causes. He will show how warmer temperatures can alter ranges of pests, seasonal phenology of insects and mites, and interactions among plants, herbivores, and their natural enemies. Special emphasis will be placed on invasive species and urban heat islands.


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