Photograph of Max LernerMax Lerner directs the environmental initiatives of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s Emerging Technology Team, Grant Justification Team and Environmental Education Team within its Sustainable Facilities Division. He manages a think tank of visionaries tasked with the ongoing goal of designing innovative ways to optimize urban stewardship through the application of resource conservation, waste diversion, organic building systems, and revolutionary best practices. His team’s rigorous pilot testing across the city allows NYC Parks to model, review, advise and scale frontline green solutions across all five boroughs to ensure our incredible metropolis has a sustainable future.






  • 11:15A | Innovating the Urban Environment through Green Roof Implementation

    As the largest holder of natural assets in New York City, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation manages ~14 percent of the five-borough area. NYC Parks’ mission is to create resilient and sustainable public spaces for both present and future generations. To further this goal, his team is coordinating the “Million SQ FT Green Roof Project” to construct 1,000,000 sq ft of rooftop green infrastructure on ~100 of their facilities. This work holds an incredible potential to, directly and indirectly, improve our city by sequestering up to 1” of rainwater per sq ft, create ongoing carbon sequestration, pollutant control, combined sewer overflow (CSO) prevention, biodiversity accommodation and overall public education around urban green spaces. Through this project, NYC Parks will advance its existing green infrastructure efforts to help solve critical urban environmental issues impacting the New York City and beyond.

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