Image of Jonathan Lehrer, Ph.D.Jonathan Lehrer, Ph.D.  is a Long Island native who completed his academic training in biology and plant science at Cornell University and the University of Connecticut. In his current capacity as Chairman of the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design at Farmingdale State College, he helps train the next generation of green industry professionals. Jonathan is particularly interested in the dynamic nature of Long Island’s local flora, both native and cultivated.







  • 9:45A | The Climate Change Garden

    The plant palette employed by horticulturists in the NYC metropolitan area has changed dramatically in the last 50 years with many losses and additions. These changes may be attributed to many factors including advances in plant breeding and the advent of new diseases and insect pests. It is global climate change, however that serves as an underlying force driving many of the changes we observe in our local flora. Join Dr. Lehrer as he outlines these phenomena and gives specific examples of local challenges and opportunities.

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