Jillian Gall has walked the line between science and horticulture for the past six years, working as both a field ecologist in remote places and a native plant gardener in New York City. Dabbling in both fields, she recognizes the need for scientists to connect with people beyond their academic circles and how public horticulture can build community and raise awareness for key environmental issues. Jillian holds a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Maine, has authored scientific papers on heavy metal accumulation in ecosystems and received grants from the Garden Club of America and the Garden Club of New Jersey. She has a deep appreciation for wild places, gardens, and the joy that nature can bring to others.




  • 1:30P | From Western Wilderness to Backyard Gardens: How Ecology can Improve our Managed Landscapes

    Whether studying the subalpine flora of Colorado, combing through tallgrass prairie in the Midwest, identifying native pollinators in California, or tending public gardens in New York, both the ecological sciences and horticulture are deeply intertwined. This talk explores that connection and how we, as gardeners, can utilize both fields to create more beautiful and resilient landscapes that adapt to our dynamic environment.


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