“Orchid Journeys” Program

Education programs for “Orchid Journeys”
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All classes are held in the Upper Carriage House  Programs are $10 each or four classes for $35.00


Speaker: Angela Mirro Guest Art Exhibitor

Orchids have captivated artists throughout history. Through a series of reproductions, we will explore the different approaches conveying orchids and what distinguishes orchid fine art from orchid illustration. In addition, this power point presentation will include samples of Ms. Mirro’s paintings and paintings of renowned artists showing how their contributions to art influenced and inspired Ms. Mirro’s own artwork. For more about the artist please vist Angela’s website.

JUNE 14, 2014 “THE JOY OF ORCHID PAINTING” 1pm to 2:30pm

Speaker: Angela Mirro Guest Art Exhibitor

Botanical painting can be time intensive and painstaking. The preliminary work will often involve a quick study done directly from the live plant and flower structure, the color and some detail. This quick study will be demonstrated by the artist, Angela Mirro, starting with the initial drawing, working with tracing overlays, and the transfer of the drawing to watercolor paper. Watch the artist as she arranges her color palette, offers tips on color mixing and how to apply the watercolor to paper using various brushstrokes and techniques.

JUNE 22, 2014 “ORCHIDS 101” 1 pm to 2:30 pm 

Speaker: Alice Williams, Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Consultant.

By selecting the right orchid for your growing conditions and providing the right care, you’ll see that orchids are easier than you think. This program will illustrate some of the dos and don’ts. Bring a “sick” orchid and orchid mix and we will demonstrate repotting.

JUNE 29, 2014 “ORCHIDS AMONG US” 1 pm to 2:30 pm 

Speaker: David Taft, Supervises the Brooklyn & Queens sites of Gateway National Recreation Area

Frequently discounted as demanding hot house darlings even veteran naturalists are sometimes surprised to find that orchids can be found in a wide variety of habitats throughout our temperate northeast as well as on beautiful Long Island. This highly original presentation delves into what makes an orchid an orchid, ponder the “orchid mystique”, and learn why we should care about the persistence of these wild plants and the equally wild places they call home.

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